What is PVP Productions?

PVP PRODUCTIONS is a project by me, Pranay Varada.

Basically, I have a lot of questions, and sometimes I think the best way of answering them is by aggregating as much data as I physically can and just seeing what happens. I set up this website in March 2024 to showcase my answers. So far, I've noodled around with a bit of Python and written about time zones. Check it out under LONGS. There will be more to come!

Why is it called PVP Productions?

The name "PVP Productions" is an intentional example of RAS syndrome. Probably the most common example of this in everyday life is referring to a "PIN number." You don't need to say "PIN number" because "PIN" stands for "personal identification number." You're being redundant. It's unnecessary. Stop it. Even "RAS syndrome" is an example of RAS syndrome, since "RAS" stands for "redundant acronym syndrome." You have to admit that's genius. Anyway, "PVP" just stands for my name and then the word "Productions." I didn't have to acronymize it, I just thought it sounded cooler. Sue me.

What are the different tabs for?

LONGS is for longer-form stories and SHORTS is for shorter-form stuff. It's not a very creative naming scheme. There's nothing under SHORTS right now, but I'm planning on the inaugural entry being about the time I speedran Vienna. Stay tuned for that one.

Got questions, comments, or interesting tidbits of information for me? Let me know at productionsbypvp@gmail.com.